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Blenders have become an essential tool in the kitchen due to its blending and pureeing capabilities that is commonly done almost everyday and especially on summer days where family’s can prepare their own margaritas with the help of a blender. Food processors have evolved into various kinds making it easy for us to prepare a sumptuous dish but for many, Blenders are still the number choice used in the kitchen for preparing food. Kitchen enthusiast may use a blender buying guide to help them in finding the best blender for all of their culinary needs.


Blenders that are made of plastic wont last long in the kitchen are way less durable and can hardly withstand the demands of its use. Nowadays, some blenders are made out of stainless steel and are metal-based to keep up with the demand of a durable, powerful and long lasting blending equipment.

Some blenders that are made from materials like glass, polycarbonate and metal are the type of blenders that will last long and can keep up with all the culinary demands since these materials are durable and are less prone to damages. Most important of all is to pay attention to the blender’s warranty card as this will serve as your blender insurance in case some goes wrong with your blender. There some blender manufacturing companies that offer a warranty protection for the period from six months up to even six years to each and every piece of their blenders. Some blender manufacturing companies that claim that their blenders are dishwasher-safe, there are still parts of the blenders such as its rubber gaskets and plastic cover, has the tendency to break even more quickly inspite of the other materials that thr blender is made of. Blender manufacturing companies highly recommends that washing of blenders are to be done manually to avoid unexpected damages and may lasts longer.


In general, blenders are all created with the same purpose and goal but unfortunately, not all blenders are created equal as some manufacturers may have advertised it with application claims. They say that Countertop blenders have a minimum watts of 300 to a maximum watts of 1,500 but this is not actually as important as the blender manufacturing companies claim. Though it is important to consider the wattage of a blender because the more wattage it has, the better, you don’t actually need that much wattage if you don’t normally use it for crushing large particles or in big quantities, you do not need to pay an extra for the additional wattage.

If you intend to use your blender for regular and family kitchen use, then a blender with a wattage of 300 to 600 watts is okay. Some kitchen and cooking enthusiast would love to have a blender with as many gears than the ordinary one but little did they know that a blender that a speed range between 2-16 is already a great speed performing blender so there is no need to purchase a blender with a speed gear of more than three especially if it will only be used in a family kitchen. You may want as many speed gears as you can but without a blender’s pulse button, all your speed gears are nothing so you better make sure to check if your blender ha a pulse button or not.

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