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What You Stand to Gain from Using a Franking Machine

A franking machine is a device which prints a postage stamp and company logo on envelopes and postcards. This device is digital and works out the right stamp value for your mail by evaluating your mail’s weight. All postal payments are processed online between your post office and select bank approved by the organizations which oversee the service.

If you handle a large volume of letters on a regular basis; then you should make use of a franking machine. When using a franking machine, your business benefits in the following ways:

Saving time
Previously, if you didn’t know the correct amount needed to post your mail, you would have to visit your posy office to work it out with them. A franking machine comes with a weighing scale which calculates the correct amount of stamp postage required with regard to the post office’s rates. This saves you the visit to the post office and time you would wait in line trying to get help. Also, think about the time you usually take to apply stamp postage on all the letters manually you have to send. Franking machines carry out the task more quickly, saving you even more time.

Saving money
Without the post office’s assistance or a franking machine, what many people do is estimate the value of stamps they need to use for their mail. In many cases, the estimate is often either an overcharge or other times an undercharge. Overstamping your mail makes you lose money unnecessarily, while understamping attracts fines for the mistake. The accuracy experienced with a franking machine helps your business save money wasted on estimates.

The postal offices gives discounts to promote the use of franked mail because it is easier to manage. Conventional stamps require a lot of manual in issuing them out and assessing mail for appropriateness, all of which the franking machine spares the post office. The discounts also help you to save a lot of money in the long run.

They enhance accountability
The franking machine accounts for all postage, making it easy to come up with accurate analyses of your postage. This information gives your business an opportunity to claim full expenses from the taxman and to formulate measures to control mailing costs.

Improving your business’s image
Franked mail gives your business a professional image in the eyes of those you send your mail to. Its work is neat and the logo printed on envelopes or postcards helps to imprint your brand in the minds of those who receive your mail. The franking machine allows your business to include promotional text or tag line on your mail without paying any extra fees, and this can be helpful in advertising new offers, services, products, etc.

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