An Overlooked Distraction While Driving

Drivers must be aware of their surroundings at all times. Other drivers can make dangerous maneuvers, road hazards often aren’t seen until the driver is right on top of them, and road conditions vary greatly even during short trips. These are all things a person must be aware of when behind the wheel. There are often distractions inside the car, such as a ringing cell phone or the radio playing loudly. What many parents fail to realize is that children may be a distraction as well. As a result, parents need to take additional steps to make certain all occupants of the car arrive at the destination safely.

The Right Vehicle

Spend the extra money to buy a vehicle with additional safety features. This includes items such as airbags for the rear passenger compartment, a backup camera, lane departure warning, and more. All work to keep family members safe and many features are designed to alert the driver when he or she does become distracted. This happens more often than people realize so don’t overlook these options when buying.

Children Belong in the Back Seat

It would be nice if children, especially infants, could ride in the front seat with parents, as this would make it easier for mom or dad to see what the child is doing. However, this is not safe for the little one, and children under the age of 12 should always ride in the back seat. Furthermore, child safety seats are needed for children of a certain age, depending on local law, and children should always be buckled in. This is true for both short and long trips. Never start the vehicle until everyone, adults included, has a seatbelt on.

Be sure to check out for more tips on how to keep family members safe while on the road. Vehicles make getting from one place to another easy. However, they are heavy machines that are capable of doing a great deal of damage in an accident. Stay alert when behind the wheel and take extra steps to protect occupants of the car. In an accident, you will be glad you were cautious and took the additional steps.